At Lift: A Product Summit, we'll explore the art and science of great products.

Our goal is to craft a group of presenters that mirrors the diversity of the attendees.  Whether your experience is with a new product idea or a mature product on the downhill side of the lifecycle curve, whether you are part of a startup or a Fortune 100 enterprise, you have knowledge to share.  We are seeking product executives and experienced practitioners from all areas of Product Management to be contributors to this event.  Our objective is to ensure the presenting group is well rounded, informative and engaging.  If this just described you, please consider sharing your knowledge and experience by completing the submission form below.

One last thing to note – we make every effort to promote vendor-neutrality.  Sponsors will not present or pitch their wares within the agenda.

Sorry, but the Deadline closed on July 20th for speakers. We will be announcing the final lineup soon. 

Please stay tuned!

Past Speakers

Checkout past lineups for Lift.