why lift?

Open to All

Lift Product Summit is the premier Columbus event that gathers people, involved in all aspects of product creation and development, to learn and share through interactive session, featured speakers and informal networking. 

Electrifying Energy

It starts with an idea or a problem worth solving. It ignites a passion to create and solve. It's the conversion of that idea into a marketable product that drives and inspires those that attend Lift Product Summit.

Catalyst for Change

Sessions will focus on improving core skills and tackling the most difficult product aspects; building a product vision, defining product strategy, developing and shipping your product, cultivating a strong product culture, and more!


400+ Product People


18 Speakers


In the heart of OSU


Jay Clouse, Creator

"Lift is one of the most cutting edge and important events happening in the Columbus tech community. As Columbus continues to grow as a technology city, education, collaboration, and sharing of best practices becomes so, so important. The Columbus Product Club has built a community of people in product who can help our tech community thrive, and ProductCamp is one of the can’t miss events they organize every year."

— Jay Clouse, Unreal Collective

Mark Gilicinkski, VP Product at Upbox

“If you live in Columbus and are interested in how you create and build great products, this is a conference for you.  Come and connect with other product professionals, learn a new perspective, share an experience, and help lift even higher the product acumen of this great city.  In short - come to Lift and engage!”

Jim Canterucci, Founder of Constituent Hub

"I am so grateful that our community has a conference like Lift to bring all of the disciplines of Product Management together under one roof and even more importantly all of the great people who do this work. The content is top notch and being able to learn what others from big companies, medium sized companies and start-ups are up to is amazing."

Kevin Dwinnel, Taivara

"Lift Product Conference delivers actionable information whether your setting the strategic vision for your product or executing on tactical plans. If you’re a product person wanting to keep your skills honed, this is your conference."

Derrek Seif Chief Product Officer, VPL

"A fantastic Product conference. Another example of the focus and growth of the Product discipline in the Midwest."

Justin Meats Chief Product Officer, Oris Intelligence

"Ohio Product Managers: You should plan on attending Lift, a product summit hosted by the Columbus Product Club."