lift: a product summit

09.24.18 | Columbus, Ohio


Product Teams

Product managers, user experience designers, data specialists, and engineers - Lift is for those responsible for any piece of a product's life cycle and delivering value. 


Are you curating your company's product road map and defining the features? Hear from Lift speakers on product vision and strategy as you bring your product to market.

Thought Leaders

Meet and learn from the people leading the way to the next product revolution in Columbus. Discover "what's next" in and how to apply new practices to your organization.  

Why You Should Attend

Bringing a product to market is never a one step process. The journey of finding an idea and turning it into a reality takes the combined effort of talented individuals. When people work together, their synergy results in a better product and a better strategy for maintaining that product than one of them could have done alone.

Lift is a product summit that aims to highlight local innovation and start conversations between product designers, entrepreneurs, and product managers from large companies to small start-ups. The purpose of these discussions is for anyone involved in the development of a product to learn from their peers on ways to improve their production strategy.

By creating a space for making connections between fellow creatives, Lift aims to facilitate the collaboration between peers can only lead to greater success for innovation in Columbus.